Program 2013

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Perfect Storm – ochtend sessie - Best Practices in Big Data
Na iCE Amsterdam (november 2009 en maart 2011) in de Westergasfabriek en Perfect Storm (november 2012) in Pakhuis De Zwijger, vindt op 8 oktober een Perfect Storm ochtendsessie plaats over Big Data. Deze Perfect Storm bijeenkomst is onderdeel van de Big Data Road Show, die ’s middags wordt gehouden. De Big Data Road Show begint in Amsterdam, waarna de volgende dag Manchester wordt aangedaan en op donderdag Dublin. Beide bijeenkomsten in Amsterdam vinden plaats op het Science Park.

De Big Data Best Practice Sessies zijn bijna allemaal geïnspireerd door een aantal vooraanstaande Amerikaanse Big Data bedrijven, die ieder op hun eigen gebied innovatieve oplossingen beschrijven aan de hand van een best practice. Naast de Amerikaanse aanbieders zal ook Atos Origin een best practice beschrijven op basis van hun werkzaamheden voor de missies van ESA (European Space Agency).

Een korte opsomming van de bedrijven die de toon zetten voor het ochtendprogramma:

- Mobiquity – we praten niet meer over mobile en big data, maar over ‘People to Machine’ (P2M) – hoe persoonsgebonden acties een enorme business impact zullen hebben, overal, op elk moment, op wat voor scherm dan ook
- ATOS/ESA – big data en verschillende ruimte missies en operaties
- Actifio – data management kosten kunnen met 90% gereduceerd worden door een simpele copy data aanpak
- Adara – miljoenen gegevens van vliegtuig, reis- en hotelwebsites kunnen een bron van inkomsten zijn zonder inbreuk te maken op de privacy van personen
- Datameer – complexe big data worden simpel gevisualiseerd voor snelle (operationele) beslissingen
- BlueKai – intelligente marketing op basis van big data

Perfect Storm:
Ochtend programma – 5 spraakmakende big data bedrijven, rechtstreeks uit de USA (€99, excl. BTW)
Big Data Road Show:
Middag programma – interactieve paneldiscussies tussen 8 US big data bedrijven, aangevuld met een aantal Nederlandse organisaties (€99, excl. BTW)

09.00 - 09.25 Registration and Coffee
09.25 - 09.30 Welcome
09.30 - 09.55

Keynote – ‘The Butterfly effect: Mobility and the Big Data Tornado’
Scott Snyder, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mobiquity (Boston, MA)

MIT Mathematician Edward Lorenz, one of the fathers of Chaos Theory, coined the term “butterfly effect” on the theory that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could cause a tornado in Texas some weeks later. Similarly, mobile devices and apps will generate seven exabytes of data by 2015, a number that will continue to double and perhaps triple each year. This dramatic growth, coupled with low-cost, large-scale data architectures, makes it possible for big data to capture, analyze and act in real-time to maximize business impact.

The unique benefits of mobile – ubiquity, immediacy, and relevance – are magnified by big data. Seventy percent of mobile apps are abandoned within the first two months after being downloaded, because they are NOT connected to the data and analytics that make them engaging and therefore not leveraging the attributes of mobile.

In this session you’ll hear:
* Through real-world examples how together, mobile and big data provide an opportunity to not only offer users convenience and utility, but to actually drive real behavior change.

* How, to fully leverage the unique attributes of mobile, mobile solutions must be location-aware (ubiquitous), real-time (immediate) and context-aware (relevant).

* That, fueled by the integration of technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, QR Codes and NFC into mobile devices, we are lowering the barrier for people to interact with objects, and opening up a new category of innovations we call P2M, or “People to Machines”, creating an even greater need for big data to analyze both mobile users and their interactions with things around them.

Very soon, we will not talk about mobility or big data but just real-time, personalized interactions that drive business impact, anywhere, anytime, on any screen. Now that’s powerful.

09.55 - 10.20

Best Practice Session: - Big Data in European Science
Mick Symonds - Principal Solutions Architect Atos and the European Space Agency

“Helix Nebula – hosting Big Data for European science”
Helix Nebula ( is paving the way for the development and exploitation of a truly European cloud computing environment, initially based on the needs of IT-intense scientific research organisations, while also planning the inclusion of other large and small stakeholders’ needs (governments, enterprise businesses and SME’s, and ultimately individual citizens).
Initially providing physical and service structures needed for the IT-related operations of research institutions, Helix Nebula intends to expand its activity beyond the initial pilot phase to become an open market place for science, where data, scientists, funding bodies, SMEs and downstream industry collaborate.
Helix Nebula has established a growing public private partnership of more than 30 commercial cloud providers and publicly funded research organisations. Based on the experience gathered from the proof of concept deployments, Helix Nebula’s technical architecture group has defined a federated cloud architecture to enable an open platform for science innovation. The services architecture team are also establishing user-requirement-driven standards and processes, based on best practices from across the whole cloud industry.
One key development within HN is the management of the enormous quantities of data required, and their meta-meta-data, so that they can be held securely for those requiring and permitted access, and mechanisms established for the derived information to be discovered and made available.

The presentation will cover:

* Helix Nebula itself: based on a standard presentation prepared by the HN consortium, including an outline of the facilities already delivered to the launching customers: CERN, EMBL and ESA;

* How HN is being positioned as a repository facility for Big Data and its access;

* The Vision on how Helix Nebula will develop further in the future.

About ESA and ESOC
The European Space Agency (ESA), an international organisation with 18 Member States, is Europe’s gateway to space. The European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, ensures the smooth working of spacecraft in orbit. Its control rooms, linked to ground stations all over the world, track and control satellites, issuing commands for spacecraft manoeuvring, carrying out routine systems monitoring and transmitting payload operational instructions. It is the home of ESA’s Directorate of Operations and Infrastructure.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is a leading international information technology (IT) services company, providing hi-tech transactional services, consulting, systems integration and managed operations to deliver business outcomes globally. The company’s annual revenues are EUR 5.1 billion and it employs 49,000 people. Atos Origin is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market and trades as Atos Origin, Atos Worldline and Atos Consulting.


10.20 - 10.45

Best Practice Sessions: - Big Data in Education
Andy Dean - Head of Services DeliveryAndy Slater – Sales Director Actifio, Telehouse and University of the Arts, London

‘How to cut data management costs by up to 90 percent while bringing an “Apple-like simplicity” to the process’
The Actifio service revolves around drastically reducing the number of copies a company needs to make of its data, while ensuring the data is still accessible and protected.
The ultimate result: Companies that previously needed an array of software and storage hardware, along with specialized staff to run it all, can now just use Actifio,
The University of the Arts needs the ability to do migrations, move data around, and be very transparent to their users. The University of the Arts has now that one true copy and then they can take a copy of that gold image and use that everywhere.

About the University of the Arts London
The University of the Arts in London is a public research university located in London specialised in art, design, fashion and media. This year 18,678 students, from 114 countries made the University of the Arts Europe’s largest specialist arts and design university. Our 1,111 academics, research and technical staff are supported by 2,074 associate lecturers.

About Actifio
Actifio offers a copy data storage platform, and uses virtualization technology to store and manage data. This allows for businesses to create a single copy of production data and maintain changes to that master copy. And this data is easily recoverable at any time.
The premise around Actifio is that organizations make multiple copies of the same data over and over again in an effort to protect their data. But these are unnecessary because it’s difficult for IT teams to find and retrieve the right data quickly while also excess storage costs.
Actifio helps slash storage costs (the company says by as much as 90 percent) and reduces recovery times. It’s a huge problem to tackle and is part of an estimated $40 billion sector, according to IDC. When Actifio raised its new $50 million Series D round last April, investors valued the company at roughly $500 million. The same month, Actifio was named to the CRN Big Data 100. Actifio is headquartered in Waltham, MA.

10.45 -11.10

Coffee Break

11.10 – 11.35

Best Practice Sessions: – Big Data in Travel and Leisure
Tobias Wessels – VP EMEA Adara Global
‘How to monetize Big Data sourced from the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies’
The case provides insights into gaining new revenue streams and the ability to deepen customer relationships through highly targeted marketing programs, while protecting consumer privacy, personal information and purchase data.
Adara and their data partners have created a portfolio of premium consumer data, with hundreds of millions of pieces of data. Personal information stays private, while purchase and profile data is available to advertisers. Actual purchase patterns, life stages, lifestyle, and demographics are all at your fingertips. Their data provides insights, instead of just being part of a metric. It goes beyond individual transactions. Adara has access to loyalty program data, historical purchase patterns, and much more. Targeted offers can be built for very specific audiences – not based on just one of their purchases, but many of them over time.

About Adara
Adara, a US digital marketing company in the big data space, is the global leader in helping digital advertisers efficiently use big data to reach highly-targeted traveller audiences, while helping top travel companies turn their data into new revenue streams. The company, who recently announced an agreement with Ryanair, Europe’s largest travel web site, expects to grow its business in Europe through its innovative media-targeting platform and digital advertising campaigns that are data-driven and precision targeted. Adara was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA – with its EMEA HQ in Dublin since June 2013.

About client
To be confirmed

11.35 – 12.00

Best Practice Sessions: -Big Data and Financial Services
Harald Muller – Senior Sales DirectorPeter Jeitschko – Solutions Engineer Datameer

'How to quickly transform raw data into insights’
Datameer enables companies to correlate marketing, social, website, customer, sales and financial data into a single view to help managers make data-driven decisions. This best practice shows how customers interact with a brand across its website, in the product, and in-store, to lower churn, improve customer experience and increase overall engagement.

About Datameer
Founded in 2009 by some of the original contributors to Apache Hadoop, Datameer has grown to a global team, advancing big data analytics. After several implementations of Hadoop analytics solutions at Global 500 companies, the founders were determined to build the next generation analytics application to solve the new use cases created by the explosion of structured and unstructured data. Datameer is the single application for big data analytics by combining data integration, data transformation and data visualization. Founded in 2009 by some of the original contributors to Apache Hadoop, Datameer has grown to a global team, advancing big data analytics. After several implementations of Hadoop analytics solutions at Global 500 companies, the founders were determined to build the next generation analytics application to solve the new use cases created by the explosion of structured and unstructured data. Datameer is the single application for big data analytics by combining data integration, data transformation and data visualization. Datameer is headquartered in San Mateo, CA.

Client to be confirmed

12.00 – 12.25

Best Practice Sessions: – Big Data and Telecommunications
Zuzanna Gierlinska – Managing Director BlueKai

'How to activate data for intelligent marketing’
BlueKai offers its customers a system for managing and activating all their 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data in all marketing and customer engagements. BlueKai represents the only end to-end SaaS solution for marketers and publishers. This best practice session shows how to maximize cross-channel marketing efforts and create a proprietary solution for unlocking reach, scale and efficiency using data. BlueKai leads the data-driven marketing space with the industry’s first Data Management Platform as well as the industry’s first,Data Exchange. BlueKai currently works with thousands of companies and is currently trusted by almost half the Fortune 30 brands to activate their data. In 2013 BlueKai was named to Forbes “50 Most Promising US Companies” list as well as Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Global Companies in Big Data”.

About BlueKai
BlueKai runs an online data management platform that helps companies store and compare their records to third-party data from companies like Nielsen. BlueKai is the most interconnected media-independent data management platform, audience data marketplace, and analytics system in the industry. As experts in big data ingestion, analysis and portability, BlueKai made it on Forbes’ last list of America’s Most Promising Companies. The company was recently named to Inc Magazine’s annual 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies list, showcasing the company’s tremendous growth over the past few years. BlueKai was also named as a leader in the DMP category in the Forrester Wave Q3 report. BlueKai is headquartered in Cupertino, CA

About Client
Client to be announced


Lunch Break


Het aanvullende middagprogramma is de eerste bijeenkomst in het kader van de Big Data Road Show, die ook op woensdag 9 oktober Londen aandoet en op donderdag 10 oktober Dublin. Naast een keynote van Roland Haeve als global director Big Data van Atos Origin, zullen experts namens een aantal Amerikaanse Big Data leveranciers in interactieve paneldiscussies een aantal Big Data thema’s aansnijden. De panels zijn achtereenvolgens Big Data Analytics, Big Data Storage & Recovery, Big Data & Marketing en Amsterdam, Digital Gateway to Europe.

Boek dit programma – een middag waar u nieuwe inzichten zult krijgen over de nieuwste Big Data ontwikkelingen en wat dat betekent voor het bedrijfsleven. Het middagprogramma kost €99, inclusief thee en netwerkborrel, excl. B.T.W.

Als u wil leren van de toepassing van Big Data oplossingen op een aantal terreinen via best practice sessies in het morgenprogramma, dan boekt u natuurlijk voor de hele dag. De kosten zijn dan €149, incl. koffie, lunch en netwerkborrel, excl. B.T.W. (Zie de website voor het ochtendprogramma)

13.30 – 13.55 Registration opens

13.55 – 14.00 Welcome

14.00 – 14.30

Keynote: “How Smart is Big Data?"
Roland Haeve – Global Director Big Data – Atos

Everybody’s talking Big Data. The journey into the world of Big Data is driven by the promise of new insight – of new and actionable intelligence revealed.
But how smart is Big Data? What are the real projects and business benefits which where Big Data is bringing adding value or new insights.

The presentation will cover:
* Atos in Big Data: based on our experiences worldwide with our customers and research labs;
* How smart is Big Data in certain projects;
* The adding value we see for now and the near future.

14.30 – 15.15

Panel: Big Data Analytics

By now, most companies recognize that they have opportunities to use data and analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage. But actually mapping out an analytics plan is complicated. You have to set a strategy; draw a detailed road map for investing in assets such as technology, tools, and data sets; and tackle the intrinsic challenges of securing commitment, reinventing processes, and changing organizational behavior.Our panel of four industry leading companies from the United States and Canada synthesizes key insights drawn from many analytics projects, sets out the key issues, whether you are launching a pilot project or a large-scale transformation.

Richard Stock – Director of Sales UK, Benelux and Scandinavia - Actian
Harald Müller – Senior Director of Sales EMEA - Datameer
Luc Burgelman – CEO and Co-Founder - NG Data
Peter Philipp – General Manager Europe – Attivio


15.15 – 16.00

Panel: The Netherlands – Digital Gateway to Europe

Bas Langelaar – Partner – Hubstart
Hans Wormer – Program Manager – Almere Data Capital
Willem Koeman – Cluster Manager ICT - Amsterdam Economic Board

16.00 – 16.30 Coffee Break

16.30 – 17.15

Panel: Data Storage and Recovery

On one hand, as enterprises consolidate into mega data centers and SMEs move to cloud and hosting infrastructures, data centers are rapidly expanding to thousands of servers. On the other hand a Gartner report states that between 2012 and 2016, one-third of organizations will change backup vendors due to frustration over cost, complexity and/or capability; and by 2016, at least 20 percent of large enterprises will abandon backup/recovery solutions.
Our panel of industry leaders will talk about storage and recovery solutions for your organization that perform a host of functions, including backup, archiving, replication and creation of test data.

Andy Slater – Sales Director UK - Actifio
Bam Gobets – International Sales Director – ScaleIO (an EMC Company)

17.15 – 18.00

Panel: Big Data and Marketing

The vast amounts of available data allows marketing professionals to manage and optimize marketing investments across all digital channels, realizing significant performance and cost benefits. This panel will show how they have the ability to stitch together all audience data (online, offline, mobile, etc.) to give them one actionable picture of your target customer, and can be empowered to turn insights into action.

Zuzanna Gierlinksa – Managing Director UK - BlueKai
Tobias Wessels – VP EMEA - Adara Global
Luc Burgelman – CEO and Co-Founder - NG Data

18.00 - 18.30 Network Reception

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